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The Greatest Sound in the World - December 2022

Updated: Jun 4

"The greatest sound in the world is the human voice" - Miles Davis

Whatever Christmas means to you, the customs and traditions which surround this season focus on togetherness: exchanging gifts, sharing a meal, singing together, attending events, donating to charities: connection is a gift to both give and receive.


Using our voice to create connection and to share what we believe is important could be deemed a human responsibility, but is certainly one of a school leader.


Here’s a letter from one of our Coaching Schools, communicating a message of connection to parents which they have given us permission to share:

Dear Parents at Christmas,

I know at this time of year there is a pressure to create a perfect magical Christmas.  I know that you want to give them the magic of Santa and ensure he brings the best gifts and sometimes that means a bit of stress for you, but I’m writing to tell you a secret. I’m writing to tell you that every January when your child comes back to school, they tell me all about the Christmas holidays.  They tell me about the days when everyone stayed indoors and watched TV. They tell me about staying at Grandma’s and being excited when you came home from work.  They tell me about the walk in the freezing cold to get a McDonald’s. They tell me about how you let them snuggle in your bed and how you played a game of cards.  They tell me about staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve and spending a whole day in their pyjamas.  They mention their gifts, but for them Christmas is you and your love and time and routines and feeling safe.  You are their favourite thing. Merry Christmas x

(Ceri O’Sullivan, EYFS, Loxdale Primary, Bilston)

As coaches, we encourage people to listen for their own voice, amidst the cacophony of others around them. Learning to listen to our private thoughts and feelings, taking time to work out the key messages and deciding how and to whom to communicate them, isn’t something most busy school leaders find much time for.

So we invite you to take 10 minutes after reading this article, to connect with your inner voice by asking yourself these questions:

How well connected am I to my inner voice?

How confident am I in speaking my thoughts and feelings in a professional capacity?

How could I support colleagues to feel better connected and able to voice their thoughts and

feelings in a professional way?

Speaking aloud our thoughts and feelings, professionally or personally, isn’t always easy, and often involves taking some risk. But perhaps during this season of strengthened connection and community, Christmas provides a valuable opportunity to share our message of the passion we hold for making a difference to communities which we serve. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Nothing I can do or say will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice, I can help the greatest of all causes – good will among men and peace on earth.”

Likewise, when we receive communication from other people, let us show curiosity as we unwrap it: regardless of what’s inside, it is a gift, to be appreciated and celebrated.


Leadership Edge is a growing team of experienced school leaders who have seen person-centred coaching create high-performing, happy and healthy cultures within our schools. Our mission is to empower other school leaders to create positive workplaces where staff are solution-focused and actively responsible for their own personal wellbeing and professional development.

Our 3-Tier Coaching Accreditation Programme is low-cost and self-sustaining, providing a systematic and structured model for staff across your school to become powerful coaches for each other, enhancing colleague relationships and their feeling of being valued as an individual within a supportive school community.

Connect with us: Twitter/X @EdgeSchools | Linked In: Leadership Edge – Coaching in Schools

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