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Our Impact

Allow us to showcase the transformative experiences and success stories shared by teachers and education staff who have benefited from Leadership Edge's exceptional coaching services. Here, you will find inspiring narratives that highlight the profound impact on staff wellbeing, staff retention, and overall school improvement.


These testimonials serve as a testament to the invaluable support provided by Leadership Edge and the positive changes it has brought to individuals and educational institutions. We invite you to explore the stories shared by passionate educators whose lives and careers have been positively influenced by the outstanding coaching services offered by Leadership Edge.

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Amandeep, Teacher

To be really listened to in a work situation is an unfamiliar feeling. Quite often it is clear that someone is hearing your words but not listening to them. During this session, I felt like I was understood and that my thoughts mattered. 

Chelsea, NQT

Coaching is something that helps you to become a judge of your own ability but understand that to develop you need to understand your goals and work towards them gradually.

Kim, Teacher

I have always been quite a reflective practitioner however, having the opportunity to discuss my thoughts and to have someone to question and extend my thinking to higher level is having a positive impact on my confidence and self-belief. This is also having an impact not only in my job but in my personal life too.

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