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Team Coaching

As part of our aim to help schools create a coaching culture, we provide Team Coaching. Across a package of sessions, your coach helps the team to identify their objectives and obstacles, develop their skills and abilities, and collaborate effectively to achieve greater impact.


A great team is much more than the sum of its parts. With the right dynamic, it is a vehicle to release untapped potential and to harness a deep sense of values and belonging. This is the real magic of team coaching.

The Benefits

  • Improved communication: Team members learn to communicate more effectively with each other, leading to better collaboration, fewer misunderstandings, and a more positive day-to-day experience of working together

  • Enhanced cohesion: Team members work together to build a strong culture of psychological safety, within which the team is able to openly share challenges and take risks without fear.

  • Increased productivity: Teams collaboratively identify and address any obstacles to their performance and agree on steps to achieve their goals more efficiently.

  • Improved problem-solving: Teams can develop their problem-solving skills to come up with innovative solutions, making better use of each others’ ideas and perspectives

  • Better leadership: Team coaching can also help team leaders to improve their leadership skills and become more effective in guiding their team towards having greater impact.

Who is Team Coaching for?

Our Team Coaching Package is suitable for most types of teams including:


Senior/Middle Leadership Teams

Pastoral and Safeguarding teams

Governing, Director or Trustee Boards


It is also effective to draw team members together from across a multi-academy trust.


Between 5 and 8 participants is ideal, but we can discuss this with you during your initial FREE consultation call.

Package Details

  • On enquiry, you will be introduced to a coach for a FREE consultation. You can discuss your needs and aims and be helped to determine whether team coaching is an appropriate package for you and your team.

  • Once registered, the coach will meet the team leader 1:1 (online) for a set-up meeting. They will discuss what has brought them to team coaching, their aims and expectations of the process, and briefly sharing key information about the other members of the team.

  • A follow-up 1:1 coaching session for the team leader helps to engage them in the process of exploring their leadership style, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.

  • Four 2-hour team coaching sessions follow, in person.

  • Two more online 1:1 coaching sessions for the team leader.

  • Five additional 1:1 coaching sessions (online) are included in the package to be used by any participant at any time during the process. More sessions can be added-on if required

  • Review meeting with team leader at the end of the process (online).

Ready to learn more?

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