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Colour Personality Profiling

As part of our mission to create happy, healthy and high-performing workplace cultures in schools, we bring you this quick and easy tool to develop greater awareness of your own, and your colleagues’ personality preferences.

The Process

Our Clarity4D tool is based on the renowned work of psychologist Carl Jung. Jung identified four quite different and distinct ways of behaving, which have been linked to the four elements - Water, Earth, Fire and Air – and the energy created by each. As individuals, we are a mixture of these four elements, but the Clarity4D profile will identify where you feel most “in your element” and the strength of your preferences.


A 20-question online questionnaire is the starting point of a journey of self-discovery into how to communicate with greater effectiveness.


You will receive a pdf report straight to your inbox identifying your personality preferences. This includes a personal colour chart, a written narrative of your strengths, potential areas for growth, and strategies for how to identify and deal with different colour preferences.


The report also includes self-reflection questions, an activity to gather feedback from other people, and space for a personal action plan, should you wish to explore the benefits of developing some new behaviours, alongside your most natural ones, to release your full potential over time

The Benefits

Increased self-awareness: When we understand ourselves better, we can manage ourselves better.

  • Which type of tasks energise and drain you? Once aware, you can manage your energy more effectively.

  • Why do some behaviours in other people irritate you? Once aware, you can address or prepare for these in a measured way.

  • Can you recognise when and why you are reaching a trigger point for your less desirable personality traits? Once aware, you can put steps in place to press pause at the right time.

Enhanced teamwork: When we understand each other better, we can collaborate better

  • Reading the profiles of other team members helps you to understand them better, and to see their differences as strengths which enhance the team’s functionality and delegation of tasks.

  • Whilst it is comfortable to work with people who think and behave in the same way as you, what are you missing? How could a different perspective enrich your conversations and benefit your overall team impact?

  • Having a shared language around personality types makes difficult conversations easier: “I’m feeling a lot of red energy coming from you right now…”, and works brilliantly with a touch of humour, “Ok everyone, be patient with me while I release all my blue energy…”

Culture of respect: When we understand each other better, we respect each other more

  • The heightened self-awareness and respect for others’ differences also impacts on relationships with children, parents, governors and other professionals you work with.

  • Rather than wasting energy on feeling frustrated, or nervous, or inferior/superior, equipping yourself with the ability to recognise different personality traits often frees you from the emotional impact of difficult interactions.

  • You can learn strategies to ‘dial up’ your weaker energies in particular situations, without losing the sense of who YOU are. It is simply a way of communicating better with a particular personality type.

Grow Your Vision

We also provide bespoke support in order to help develop your coaching approach. If you would like us to come and speak at event, deliver a workshop or provide other related consultancy, please get in touch to discuss. 

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