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Create a coaching
culture in your school.

Nurture the professional development and personal wellbeing of your staff through better conversations

1:1 Leadership & Wellbeing Coaching

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 Team Coaching

Colour Personality Profiling

Start reflecting on your own professional impact and personal wellbeing through our online Self-Coaching Quiz

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Coaching is transformational.


We believe that people in our schools want their work to have purpose and meaning.


We know from experience that coaching is a deeply empowering pedagogy, which benefits school leaders, staff and students alike, providing a significant shift away from a top down, command and control direction, which is long overdue.

Our Mission


What We Offer


3-Tier Coaching
Accreditation Programme

Experiential coaching training and skills development alongside ongoing supervision as participants learn to cascade our pure coaching approach to colleagues.


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Team Coaching

Better teamwork has significant ripple effects on your school culture and effectiveness. Whether for SLT, Pastoral, Curriculum… our team coaching programme provides a safe space to explore strengths and opportunities for improvement.

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Colour Personality Profiling

Analysis of individual and team behavioural and psychological preferences, encouraging greater self-awareness and understanding of others.

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1:1 Leadership & Wellbeing Coaching

Secure regular thinking space with one of our Associates: a confidential sounding-board to explore any aspect of your professional or personal life.


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Comprehensive Customer Support

Partner with us on one of our Coaching Programmes and we will hold your hand the whole way, from start to finish, providing technical and administrative support. 


Self-Coaching Quiz

Start reflecting on your own professional impact and personal wellbeing through our free online quiz.

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Reflect on the Colour Personality Preferences of you and your team


We’ve worked with over 75 schools across the UK to bring a PURE coaching approach to the staff and culture. Here is just a small selection who would be happy to talk to you about their experience:

Oldfield School.png

Oldfield School

East Park Academy.png

East Park Academy

Inglewood School.png

Inglewood Junior School

Marple Hall School.png

Marple Hall School


Radley's Primary School

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Manor Multi Academy Trust

Woolwich Polytechnic for Girls Logo.png

Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls

Willows High School.png

Willows High School


Hartshill Academy

Blue Coat.png

Blue Coat C of E Academy


Tytherington School


Bexton Primary School


kensington Prep.png

Kensington Prep School

Isebrook School.png

Isebrook School

Hill Avenue.png

Hill Avenue Academy, Wolverhampton

What Our Clients Say


PURE Coaching has taught me to think - really think. One of the most profound aspects of coaching is about being totally honest with yourself - developing greater self-awareness. Coaching is empowering, humbling and is in contrast to other methods of school support I have experienced. 

Juli Copley, Primary Headteacher

There are many aspects of our current education system that I am not entirely satisfied with and I have found coaching helpful in redirecting my frustration into more constructive thinking and actions.

Carl Elder, Trust Director of Education

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I can confess, I often want a lot done and normally by yesterday! Coaching allowed me to reflect starkly on how I am asking for the impossible, which creates frustration for colleagues and myself. Reflecting more and considering the most important points has helped me lead with more impact. I had never been with a coach who had no agenda. It was the most powerful thing.

Imran Iqbal, Secondary Deputy Headteacher

Coaching for me has been one of those things that I didn't think I needed before I began receiving it. Having started the process being a closed book, I am now open and willing to listen. For me, coaching is not a destination or something to be ticked off a list but rather, it is a leadership journey that I will continue to travel whilst I head any organisation.

Kerrie Henton, Alternative Provision Principal

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PURE Coaching:

Delivered by education professionals.

For education professionals.

Because our profession needs respect,
understanding and lifting up from within.

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