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Our Mission

Leadership Edge rose out of our shared passion for bringing person-focused coaching practices and working cultures into schools.


We respect the dedication of our colleagues and strive to enable them to bring their best selves to school, for the benefit of all: themselves, their colleagues, children, young people and their families.

PURE Coaching provides people with a safe space to work through PURE-ly their own agenda: a marked difference from traditional top-down management meetings. Each session concludes with a forward-facing solution which has been initiated, mapped-out and committed to by the individual being coached, usually actioned with remarkable confidence and competence having been given the time and encouragement to voice all their thoughts and feelings in advance.


At the heart of PURE Coaching sit the 3 key characteristics of intrinsic motivation:

Mastery – I am getting better

Purpose – I am contributing to something bigger than myself

Autonomy – I am free to make decisions

(Daniel Pink, ‘Drive’)


This research helps explain why PURE Coaching is such an empowering and successful interaction in getting the best out of people: the conversations focus on things that individual wants to get better at, things which are important to them and things which they can have some influence and control over: Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose.


Listen to Leadership Edge Director, Catherine Hulme, talk about our Mission here

PURE Coaching conversations are:

Personal – the topic is always the choice of the individual. Whether related to work or not, they are valued as a person

Unconditional – they can talk on their chosen topic without fear of judgement, or disinterest, or over-interest: the space is always held for their own thinking

Relevant – whilst there may be specific goals the individual wants to work towards, they can bring something completely unrelated to each session if that is most relevant to them in that moment

Empowering – sessions draw out the individual’s strengths, skills and ideas, whilst also identifying and tackling any potential barriers  


Our Values

Integrity: We engage in all coaching relationships with a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles, including confidentiality. We know what we do matters and will not risk the quality of it.


Credibility: We get it. We have all held or are currently holding a leadership position within education, and are accredited and experienced coaches. 


Humility: We are lifelong learners, keen to remain open-minded in the ever-evolving context of education. We are non-judgmental and believe in the resourcefulness and good intentions of those we work with. 

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