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Leadership & Wellbeing Coaching

We provide personalised 1-1 Leadership & Wellbeing Coaching sessions so individuals can benefit from PURE Coaching outside of any wider programme.


After enquiring, we will suggest a couple of coaches you may like to meet with. When you have chosen, you will meet for an initial ‘cup of coffee’ session to explore what has brought you to coaching and what you hope to gain from the process. You can get to know your coach a bit better and arrange your session dates and times.

What happens in a PURE Coaching session?

Each session lasts 45-60minutes, depending on your preference, and is usually held online. The dynamic in the first session may feel strange initially, different from other types of conversations you have at or about work. Your coach will be aware of this and help you to feel comfortable.


In PURE Coaching, YOU do the thinking and work out what solutions or next steps are the best option for you. You will not be told what to do and you will not be held to account. This process belongs to YOU: your agenda, your thinking, your decisions. Your coach will hold the space and guide you through the process to ensure every session is insightful and worthwhile. We understand that your time is very precious. But so are you.

Your coach will always adhere to our PURE Coaching protocols: 

  • Provide a safe, non-judgemental thinking space

  • Respect confidentiality

  • Be positive, knowing the coachee is resourceful and has the answers to their problems within themself.

  • Challenge your coachee to move beyond their comfort zone and any limiting self-beliefs they might hold.

  • Enable your coachee to break down their goals into manageable steps.

Emotional Support for Safeguarding Professionals in Schools

Our trained associate coaches can be allocated to work 1:1 with staff working most closely with particularly challenging cases, or those members of staff in need of additional emotional support. DLSs, senior leaders and Directors of Safeguarding all need time and space to talk through the often overwhelming feelings of accountability.


In their individual coaching sessions, the participant can safely and confidentially process the emotional burden of their work. Each session lasts 60 minutes and concentrates on working through the emotional toll of their ongoing work and/or current issue. Focus will also be given to creating habits of wellbeing and building resilience. However, our Pure Coaching approach is a non-directive experience and the content of each session will be purely the agenda of the participant.


Although your Leadership Edge coach will have a background in safeguarding in schools, if it becomes apparent that expert guidance is required regarding any case work, the participant will be encouraged to identify a source of internal expertise within your organisation who could provide the answers they need.


Alternatively, we are able to refer the participant to our partner safeguarding consultant with a leading knowledge and reputation in this field (additional charges will apply)

Ready to learn more?

Join our growing community of educators who have experienced the transformative power of PURE coaching, benefitting both their school and personal lives

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