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Forthcoming Events

Come and meet us!

Monday 25th September (London) - 

MATPN Workforce Deep Drive


Thursday 28th September (Online 4:15-5:30pm) - The Education Showroom


Thursday 5th - Friday 6th October (Birmingham) - CST conference


Tuesday 10th October (Manchester) - 

Bright Futures Leadership Conference 



Wednesday 18th October (London) - 

ASCL Leadership Conference - South


Thursday 9th November (Online 4:15-5:30pm) - The Education Showroom


Wednesday 15th November (Manchester) - 

ASCL Leadership Conference - North


Wednesday 22nd November (Coventry) - 

ASCL Leadership Conference - Midlands


Thursday 1st February (Online 4:15-5:30pm) - 

The Education Showroom


Friday 8th - Saturday 9th March (Liverpool) - 

ASCL Annual Conference


Thursday 21st March (Buckinghamshire) - 

BASL School Leadership Conference


Thursday 23rd May (Online 4:15-5:30pm) - 

The Education Showroom

May 2023

Spotlight Director

This month, we’d like to invite you to consider your role as a Spotlight Director for staff within school, too: how often, and in what proportion, do you direct light on colleagues’ talents and challenges...


April 2023

The Time You Enjoy Wasting
And so we arrive at the Easter break. Two weeks to decompress. Perhaps you have plans for family get-togethers and religious celebrations. Days are warmer and longer and ripe for the taking...


March 2023

Make Do and Mend

Ever feel like you’re scrabbling around for scraps of cloth to cover the needs of the school? You are not alone. We have been speaking with lots of leaders in schools who feel this way...


February 2023

Ain't Got No Money

As members of the largest UK teachers’ union strike to protest against a chronic shortage of funding and a national recruitment and retention crisis, let us reflect this month on one of the most challenging aspects of school leadership, at all levels: managing budgets...


January 2023

Behind The Mask

As we return to school, this common question will most often lead to a quick civil exchange, “Yes, thanks. You?” And we will go on our way. But couldn’t this be an opportunity for something better, more engaging than a simple courtesy?


November 2022

Every Leader is Telling a Story

In the words of Walt Disney, “Every leader is telling a story… about what he or she values.” What will people read into you? More importantly, what is at the core of the story you want to tell?


October 2022

It's a Marathon not a Sprint

We all know mental health is a priority, and schools are being asked to assign a Mental Health Lead by 2025. Whilst the focus of this role is largely to provide our children and young people...


September 2022

Begin with the End in Mind

Political ideology aside, I hope you can take inspiration from her Majesty’s example of servant leadership, and check-in with the end you have in mind for 2022-2023, so you can start this academic year with confidence and a clear sense of purpose...


July 2022

Passing on the Baton

As the Commonwealth games get underway in Birmingham, at Leadership Edge, I too am passing on the baton. Maybe there are readers amongst you who also will also be passing on the baton at the end of this term - and maybe taking hold of a new one...


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