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Lorraine Taylor,
Hartshill Academy


My team are all now stopping and reflecting, thinking about why we are doing what we’re doing, which makes us better leaders.

It’s magical. My coach doesn’t tell me anything. She asks questions. She repeats things back. I always come out of a session with all these ideas which were inside me already but I just hadn’t properly thought about.

You feel like it’s a luxury but it moves things along quicker for you in the long-run: you’re more efficient and listen better to the people you’re working with. 

Manny Botwe, Headteacher, Tytherington School


The core of this is about developing people and people filling their potential.

There’s definitely been a noticeable impact on those involved. Other staff are saying, “We’ll have what they’re having!”

I really like the organic approach. People want to get better in their jobs, people want to feel happier in their lives, people want to have stronger relationships. The most powerful motivator is when they see that growth in others.

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