Leadership Edge offers models of support for leadership teams and individuals in schools and other businesses to develop engaged and productive staff.


Leadership 360 is a strengths based approach to school/organisational health.

  • Coaching at a strategic level

  • Coaching for personal growth to enable schools to create models of staff development

  • Coaching that grows and develops future leaders,

  • A 360 model to develop middle and senior leaders in schools and inform performance management

  • A three tier incremental certified coach development programme 

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Are you a leader, who is finding it challenging


  • to get the best out of your senior leadership team?

  • to grow and develop highly effective managers at all levels?

  • to get the motivation and engagement from your staff?

  • to build effective working relationships in your workplace?

  • to improve results and build positive relationships in your workplace?

  • to develop and enhance your leadership skills and confidence?


If this resonates with you, then you are in the right place.


So, what’s the secret behind accomplishing:


  • Strong and Efficient Teams

  • Highly Effective Managers

  • Motivation and Engagement from Staff

  • Effective Working Relationships

  • Positive Relationships

  • Enhanced Skills and Confidence


DiSCOVER the power of WE with Everything DiSC solutions


Each Everything DiSC solution is designed to help participants better understand themselves AND others. Whether improving working relationships, strengthening management skills, elevating leadership impact, or tackling conflict with a new mindset. Everything DiSC delivers insights and strategies to meet the unique needs of your people and your organisational culture.


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The Resilience Quotient Inventory™ (RQi™) is a new psychometric tool that provides a detailed measure of resilience for individuals and teams. It measures a range of characteristics that enable people to cope well under stress and bounce back from adversity. Users complete a secure online questionnaire and receive a 26-page report with personal scores and recommendations for building even greater resilience.

To find out more about our approach to resilience and the benefits of the RQi, download our brochure, or contact us.