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Coaching has had a huge impact on me. I personally believe that I am a very reflective person yet coaching has enabled me to think and approach situations in different ways through my own questioning and those asked of me. 

- Amy, Year Group Leader

“Coaching is a brilliant way to develop both personally and professionally. It improves performance and can enhance skills or help you to acquire new ones. Coaching has helped me to improve my productivity along with my teams. It has helped me to improve communication both formally and informally. It has helped me to have clarity, to prioritise and achieve my goals, which in turn has decreased my level of stress! It is purposeful and challenging. It is thought provoking and helps you find solutions, develop and grow. Coaching is empowering."

- Joanne Leach: Head Teacher Oakhill Primary, Stoke on Trent 


Empowering others is one of the greatest gifts you can give for it enables another to achieve, overcome difficulties and develop positive wellbeing


Dialogue with my coach helped me to gain a clearer vision as a leader and gave me renewed confidence in my own ability and potential


If you want to grow and sustain in whatever role you are in, coaching will help you vocalise what you already know but can’t quite put your finger on, at this precise moment in time

"I had met my coach in school prior to the telephone conversation and had had one face to face coaching session. As the paperwork says “A coaching conversation is NOT a chat that gives you a nice, warm feeling!” However it is a conversation that leads you to very clear idea of specific actions to make improvements in the area being discussed. 

The phone session felt it would be a little different. I was concerned that this would not be as effective as face to face, but I did not find this the case and I gained as much clarity for what I needed to do going forward as I had in the face to face session.” 

- Steve Smith: Deputy Head Teacher, Oakhill Primary  

on experiencing telephone coaching 

"My coach (Rose) gave me the safety and space to address some of the issues that I was finding the hardest in my life. She helped me find new perspective and imaginative solutions I couldn’t have thought of on my own. I felt that I could trust her completely"

- Secondary School Assistant Headteacher


To be really listened to in a work situation is an unfamiliar feeling. Quite often it is clear that someone is hearing your words but not listening to them. During this session, I felt like I was understood and that my thoughts mattered. 


Coaching is something that helps you to become a judge of your own ability but understand that to develop you need to understand your goals and work towards them gradually.


I have always been quite a reflective practitioner however, having the opportunity to discuss my thoughts and to have someone to question and extend my thinking to higher level is having a positive impact on my confidence and self-belief. This is also having an impact not only in my job but in my personal life too.


It has helped me to find a balance between home and school. My coach never interrupts me, there is no pressure. I feel that I have experienced a total transformation, I am smiling!


I think coaching is empowering to every individual who experiences it. This quiet time dedicated to just yourself is both valuable and precious


With all the negative press on reducing workload and pressure on teachers, LE could be one of the most valuable CPD investment their school makes.