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Passing on the Baton - July 2022

Updated: Jun 4

As the Commonwealth games get underway in Birmingham, at Leadership Edge, I too am passing on the baton. I have made the decision to step back from my director role. This will herald a new chapter for the company from the start of the new school year, when Catherine Hulme will be taking over as Director of Leadership Edge. Catherine shares below her journey from first joining our Associate Team in 2019 to stepping up to lead and building our Regional Team.

Maybe there are readers amongst you who also will also be passing on the baton at the end of this term - and maybe taking hold of a new one.

There comes a point when it’s time to explore new opportunities, and while I will remain an enthusiastic and passionate Coach Associate with Leadership Edge, with Catherine at the helm, I can return to my other passion of developing leadership in schools, plugging the gaps that NPQ’s do not fully cover. I believe there are aspects of leadership that are so important; developing the team, creating a culture of supporting leaders at all levels to bring their best self to school.


You might have heard that phrase before, as it underpins our coaching culture at Leadership Edge. It is the corner stone of great schools, and along with Pure Coaching, is an essential jigsaw piece of staff self-awareness and personal development.


A message from Catherine

It was June 2019 when I saw Jan’s profile on LinkedIn. Her tagline, “Systematically Creating a Coaching Culture in Schools” called me to send a direct message straight away! Fortune had it that we were both available for a call that day, and indeed, able to arrange a physical meet at East Park Academy a week later! Some things are just meant to be…


Working as an Associate Coach and Hub Lead over the past 3 years, I have grown more and more in love with the 3-tier Leadership Edge model, seeing its impact on individual members of staff, hearing the difference it’s making to their mindset, relationships, enjoyment and impact at work, and receiving  feedback from leaders that the shift of whole-school culture is tangible. “We talk to each other differently. People are different.” And performance data is following the positive trend, too!


As an Assistant Headteacher of a Secondary, a long-standing Governor of a large Primary, and the daughter of a Primary Headteacher, schools and education are in my blood and I’m beyond delighted  to be receiving the baton from Jan as the new owner of Leadership Edge, to continue the transformational work she and the team have begun.


I’m excited to meet more school leaders who share our vision of an education system which truly values its people and the profession to which they dedicate so much of their lives, and those who believe, like us, that the way we talk and listen to each other is at the absolute heart of that.


On behalf of Catherine, our team of Associate Coaches and myself, we want to thank you for helping our company to grow and develop year on year. We hope that we have contributed to your ability to bring your best self to school by providing the invaluable thinking space that many of you tell us is EMPOWERING.


Leadership Edge is a growing team of experienced school leaders who have seen person-centred coaching create high-performing, happy and healthy cultures within our schools. Our mission is to empower other school leaders to create positive workplaces where staff are solution-focused and actively responsible for their own personal wellbeing and professional development.

Our 3-Tier Coaching Accreditation Programme is low-cost and self-sustaining, providing a systematic and structured model for staff across your school to become powerful coaches for each other, enhancing colleague relationships and their feeling of being valued as an individual within a supportive school community.

Connect with us: Twitter/X @EdgeSchools | Linked In: Leadership Edge – Coaching in Schools

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