Supporting staff through non-directive coaching, to feel empowered to bring their best self to school.

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As educators we have a responsibility to improve outcomes for our children and young people.

Our staff, children and young people need to have a voice, to be listened to. Many describe this as empowering!

We seek to dispel the myth that coaching should only be seen in schools as instructional, we believe coaching should also be recognised as a way of giving people a space to gain clarity of thinking, to support and develop their self-awareness, self care, mental health and wellbeing and to be pro-active in their role.


Trust: We build relationships one by one; we keep confidentialities, we are non-
judgemental, (we haven’t walked in your shoes.) Your coaching session is PUREly your own

Integrity: Serving our clients through a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong
moral and ethical principles. We enter coaching conversations with the intention of deeply

Credibility: As associates we know about education and are accredited coaches; we all have
educational roles.

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