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Safeguarding Supervision

Safeguarding is of the utmost importance in all education settings. Over time, the growth in the burden of responsibility for schools has only been matched by the increasing complexity and potential severity of safeguarding issues.

We know, through our work with schools and from our school-based associate coaches, that there are many committed and morally-driven professionals intervening with or responding to significant safeguarding matters. Many schools and trusts are investing in additional staffing capacity to respond to the growing volume of safeguarding challenges faced by the young people they serve.

Alongside the growing appreciation of the challenges faced by young people, there is rightly a similar realisation of the need to support those providing this intensive, often high-stakes and emotionally demanding safeguarding and pastoral care.


Leadership Edge commit to enable school and academy staff to thrive in their work in order to best serve the children in their care.


Our packages draw on current research and published best practice in this field.